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It's time for Hot for Friday!

BBCbloglogofinalwhiteToday I am participating in the Book Boyfriends Cafe Hot for Friday Blog Hop! Every week they have a new topic for us to blog about, or task to complete. This week's task is to share a Hot Kiss between our characters. 

This week I chose to introduce you to two other Hollywood Rules characters. This scene from Valentine Rules features a kiss that is on the steamy side between Gemma Kent and Randy Farrell.


   “Did Blue put you up to this?”  Her fingers twisted into knots in her lap.  Her voice dropped to a whisper.  “To choosing me?”
   “No.”  He resisted the urge to squirm.  She was close to guessing the truth.  And she valued honesty. 
   “Cora, then.”  Words spoken softly, with such certainty.
   “No.”  Gemma deserved the whole truth, but he didn’t believe she’d stay if he gave her that.  Instead, he gave her a partial confession.  “I told them I wouldn’t do the show unless you were one of my dates.”
   Her jaw dropped open.  That’s what he loved about Gemma.  She was tough as nails one minute, and innocent as an Indiana farm girl the next. 
   Gemma started to say something, seemed to think better of it, and then took a swig of her beer.  If he hadn’t desperately wanted her to like him, her head-shaking, leg-twitching, finger-lacing display of disbelief would have made him laugh. 
   She bent her knees, set her beer behind her, and angled to face him.  “Why?”
   Now was not the time to shrug.  This close, he could see the grape color of her eyes.  Dark hair hung in a glossy curtain across her forehead.  He wanted to slide his hands through the silky softness.  He wanted to lean in and press a gentle kiss on her lips, tasting, testing, tempting her to turn the heat up until they were burning for each other.
   She regularly went toe-to-toe with Cora Rule, who was one high maintenance woman.  Gemma knew how to move through Hollywood’s circles – with combat boots on!  And who was he?  Just some guy from Indiana who struggled to fit in off the court.  The more he learned about Gemma, the more intrigued he was.  “From the moment I saw you, I was done.” 
   She drew back.
   He placed his beer out of the way, near the wall, followed by the basket of chips, so he could claim her hand.  “It sounds weird, but it’s true.”  And then, ever so gently, he tugged her forward until their lips met.  Hers were warm and giving.  A glide of his tongue across them and she was opening her mouth on a sigh. 
   She was easily spooked.  He took his time, and let the heat and the breath-stealing passion build.  It built in the pound of his heart and the roaring in his ears.  It built in the increasing urgency of his touch as he learned each soft slope of her curves.
   On the other side of the door was everything he didn’t like about L.A. – shallow, pretentious, what-can-you-do-for me fake handshakes and smiles.  On this side of the door was everything he hoped for in the future – warmth, depth, the feeling that someone enjoyed his company more than what his fledgling reputation might bring them.  If Gemma did more than kiss him, he’d know she felt the same way.
   Her hand made a soft landing on his hip.
   Randy thought he’d died and gone to heaven. 
   He deepened the kiss, drawing her closer.  His hand drifted up the side of her waist, up the thin material of her black dress, brushing the edge of her breast.
   Her hand gripped his waistband.
   He needed to go slow.  Be satisfied with a kiss and her phone number.  In another ten seconds, he’d pull back, slow down.
   She sighed, leaning into him, pressing her breasts against his chest.
   His heart pounded so fast he suffered a mind wipe.  Forgot his goals.  Forgot the slow pace.  All he could think of was strawberries and heat.
   It was easy to pull her into his lap.  She weighed practically nothing.  And she didn’t stop kissing him.  He hoped she’d never stop kissing him. 
   His hand slid beneath her skirt, across the warm, bare skin of her thigh. 
   Sweet heaven, so close.  His fingers brushed against her heat.
   She stopped kissing him.  Drew back.  Peeked at his hand.  Or at least where his hand was beneath her dress. 
   He could feel her uncertainty.  It was there in the tight bundle of muscle in her thigh, the growing rigidity of her spine, the press of her lips into a thin line.  All at odds with the slightly dazed look in her eyes, as if she hadn’t expected the raging fire between them.  He doubted she realized she was sitting in his lap.ValentineRulesNEW


Valentine Rules is a mini novella from my Hollywood Rules series and is not as hot as the other books in the series.
In Valentine Rules, w
hat started out as an innocent assignment for work – accompanying a popular actress fresh out of rehab on shopping trips – has gained Gemma Kent regular makeovers by said actress and a sidebar photo on People magazine’s cover! All the attention would be flattering, except she’s become famous as a mystery woman with the Twitter handle: GlitterfrostGem. Everyone, even the local gossip column, is speculating about her identity. In real life, Gemma wears combat boots, poindexter glasses, and a prickly attitude. Now Randy Farrell, the man she can’t get out of her head, wants a date with Glitterfrost Gem! Which would be great if he realized that invisible Gemma Kent and Glitterfrost Gem were one and the same.



You can also find Valentine Rules as part one in Gemma Rules!

GemmaNEWGemma Rules

VALENTINE RULES (Part 1): Gemma Kent has become famous as a sexy mystery woman with the Twitter handle @GlitterfrostGem. Randy Farrell, the man Gemma can't get out of her head, wants a date with @GlitterfrostGem, but the real Gemma is nothing
like her twitter alter-ego. 

WEDDING RULES (Part 2): Gemma's and Randy's romance has moved beyond the Twittersphere into real world Hollywood. Can their budding relationship survive Hollywood gossip, out of control starlets and big time dreams? 

BRIDE RULES (Part 3): Randy loves Gemma. Gemma loves Randy. That should be enough to guarantee a happily-ever-after, but Gemma has experience being the roadblock to someone's dreams and it's not a role she's eager to reprise. She won't stand in the way of Randy's NBA dreams. It may take a trip to Vegas, a bit of luck, and an Elvis costume to make all their dreams come true.


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