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Its Only Love

 Until her father died, Cora's goal has been to look drop dead gorgeous in the latest fashion and be seen at all the right places. Now in order to keep her inheritance she can't buy any new clothes for a year, and she's assigned to help her ex-lover's wife, Vivian Gordon, rediscover her mojo. Cora's in serious need of a massage. And there's one N.B.A. coach who's ready to give her more than that.

Heat level: hot

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It's Only Love, Breaking the Rules (Book 3)Its Only Love

"Mel Curtis has reinvented the glitz novel, infusing it with heat, heart andhumor." Jayne Ann Krentz says of Blue Rules


  Exes. Siblings. Love-struck clients who refused to sign divorce documents. Cora’s body was a bundle of tension in need of an outlet – a strong buzz, a deep tissue massage, sex. “Impossible.”

“Impossible is nothing.” A deep, rich voice with a swirling, Southern twang interrupted her thoughts. “We weren’t introduced earlier. I’m Trent Parker.”

The NBA’s newest coach was sexier up close. His body bigger. His whiskey-brown eyes more intense. His presence was a double shot of vodka and Red Bull that made her heart race, her lips curl upward, and her body blaze to life in ways it shouldn’t. Because he was the Reverend and that jacket of his was so very hideous.

“I’m Cora.” The rebellious streak notched up her smile to provocative. What was tee-totaling Coach Parker going to do? Call her bluff?

 Damned if he didn’t.

That smile of his turned as crookedly mischievous as Archie’s. His eyes stroked and weighed and measured, like a lover trying to decide which part of her he’d consume first. Of their own accord, her nipples stood at attention, volunteering for the lead in a multi-course meal.

 Cora blinked. She had to be reading him wrong. Coach Parker didn’t cuss. He didn’t create scandals. He hadn’t breathed a bad word about his failed marriage. This was not the kind of man interested in hot sex with a stranger.

The Story Behind the Story

Please note:  I don't normally cuss in the story behind the story.  Please excuse me.  The book, like Cora, was hard enough to nearly break me.

I have to admit that Cora Rules was the hardest book I've ever written.  Mistake number one was making her such a bitch in Amber Rules (book 1).  I thought I showed some character growth for her in Blue Rules (book 2).  But when I wrote Cora's story she wanted to immediately shed her bitchiness and become...more Amber-like.  That was a problem.  So I went back and rewrote her as a stronger character with all her modern approaches to sex (friends with benefits).  My critique group read the first 100 pages...and hated her and thought she was a slut.  Rewrite number two made her  more likeable, but she was stomping all over her hero, Coach Trent Parker.  Rewrite number three toned her down yet again, but my critique group now thought Coach Parker treated her like a slut (that may have been my fault, as he didn't get as much rewrite attention as Cora did).  By now, five months had passed and this book needed to get published.  Rewrite number four focused on Trent, making him more loveable and less of an ass. 

But enough about my drama.  You read this far because you wanted to know where I came up with the idea for Cora Rules!  Cora is no shrinking violet.  I knew from previous books that Dooley's parenting style had an undesired effect on his kids - they rebelled and kept rebelling!  Cora was looking for love in all the wrong places and through sex.  Enter a new NBA coach, one who rose through the college ranks (at a strict Baptist college) and uses his sheltered, good boy image to go places.  In the land of gossip, protecting his pious image is vital, especially since his dad (also a college coach) recently knocked up a college co-ed.  If only he could resist Cora.



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