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Tara Bonander’s life is always derailing, but never like this. In the past 24 hours, she’s lost her job, her New York apartment, and her fiancé. Now, when her life is at an all time low, she’s due to spend the weekend as a lonely bachelorette bridesmaid with her newly engaged sister Scarlet. She’ll do anything to find a date.

Celebrity photographer Bill Blakely needs a big payday, the kind that a photo of the Runaway Bride would net him. But his only lead on the wedding is the bride’s cousin, Tara Bonander, who occasionally has drinks at a bar in his neighborhood. When Tara asks Bill over drinks to be her date for a weekend wedding, it’s a gift. She wants him to pretend to be her boyfriend. He wants to pretend he’s only in it for the money. Can one uptown heiress fall for a paparazzi from the gutter? Or will reality take down this fake romance along with the Runaway Bride’s wedding?

Heat level: PG
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The Bridesmaid Wore White, The Bridesmaid Series (Novella 5)BMWOREWHITE



Tara Kuhn Bonander’s life had derailed before, but never like this.


In the past twenty-four hours, she’d lost her job, her apartment, and her fiancé.


Granted, it was a reception job at a lower Manhattan legal firm. Granted, she’d been late paying her rent (again). And granted, Carter had never actually asked her to marry him.


But that job was entry level on her way to the accounting department. That apartment overlooked Central Park, if only from the bathroom window. And she and Carter had been dating off and on for four years. By rights–according to her father–he should have been her fiancé by now.


And now, when her life was at an all time low, she was due to spend the next three days as a bridesmaid at her cousin’s wedding. A dateless bridesmaid when her sister Scarlet just got engaged a few days ago.


Tara’s life couldn’t get much worse.


Severance check in the bank, possessions stored in the basement of her sister’s apartment building (the doorman knew her), and heart hardened, Tara claimed a counter position at the Corner Bar on Third and ordered a Diet Coke with a splash of rum. It was just the right amount of alcohol to dull the embarrassment of flipping through her contacts to find a wedding date. She had to get her life on track, but her immediate priority was finding a wedding “Plus One.”



The Story Behind the Story

I began the Bridesmaids series completely by accident. I wanted to be included in a holiday anthology put together by Sweet Romance Reads. Three were a lot of authors and I wanted to write a story that stood out - a Christmas in Ecuador. Readers loved The Wedding Promise, but they also got on my case for not convincing them Tiff and Jax would live happily-ever-after. I received more fan mail for that first Bridesmaids novella than any previous book I'd written. And I began to plot out a series of novellas where the romance of Tiff and Jax continued, but as a backdrop to Tiff's bridesmaids falling in love. I had so much fun writing the series, that you'll find I introduce a new bridesmaid - Kitty Summer. Look for Kitty and her four sisters sharing the stage in the Summer Bridesmaids, coming in April 2017 with A Kiss is Just a Kiss.


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